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New Years Eve - Reveillon 2011 - In Rio

So... you what to spend the New Years Eve in Rio, right? But is that works? Are asking yourself what is the best for you? Maybe we can help.

Basicaly there are 3 way to spend the New Years Eve:

1st - Outside of Copacabana - There are great parties all over the town with open bar (licour/food), but tthat is not a option for most of people that comes to Rio for the first time.

2nd - Go to Copacabana beach to watch the 15-20 minutes firework show and enjoy the free shows on the beach. The city sets 4 big stages on the beach with many attractions;

3rd - Go to Copacabana beach to watch the fireworks and go to a private/hotel parties in Copacabana (don't try to see the fireworks in Copacabana beach and go to a distance place - it'll be too crowded - choose a walking distance)

Very Nice Tips

1- If you want to have the best view of the fireworks on Copacabana choose the left side of the beach (close to Leme) the right side (close to Ipanema) is aways very crowded. 

2- After the show is over stay on the beach for at least 30 min, most part of the people leave the beach a few minutes after the FW show is over (at least they try) it is a looot of people walking many directions... it's always confusing in the first half-hour... it is when and where happens most of the robberies.

3- Use closed shoes, allot of people take champagne bottles to the beach... that make allot of broken glass on the floor and allot of cutted feet.

4- Don't take taxis after 7pm Dec31st - Jan 1st 12pm -At that time the police is 100% focus in organizing the crowd and avoid problems. So, allot of none-licensed taxis are on the street... and all of the taxis charge alooot of money for a ride.   

     It is a great party... I'm sure you'll enjoy vary much.

     If I remember something else I'll add to it... if the is any other questions let me know.

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